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At Tesco Bengaluru, over 4000+ colleagues are working towards living our purpose of serving our customers, communities, and planet.

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Company Description

Tesco Bengaluru:

We are a multi-disciplinary team creating a sustainable competitive advantage for Tesco by standardizing processes, delivering cost savings, enabling agility, providing cutting-edge technological solutions and empowering our colleagues to do ever more for our customers.

With cross-functional expertise in Global Business Services and Retail Technology & Engineering, a wide network of teams and strong governance we reduce complexity thereby offering high quality services for our customers. Tesco Bengaluru, established in 2004 to enable standardization and build centralized capabilities and competencies, makes the experience better for our millions of customers worldwide and simpler for over 4,40,000 colleagues.

About the Security Partners team

We are 15+ and growing team that supports Tesco technology and software development teams across cloud and other cutting-edge technologies at scale. We have a new role as the security engineer for the security partners team based in the Bengaluru, India. The software development teams are responsible for their own security, so we act differently than a traditional security team. We are team of security partners, not security police... and we go as far as calling ourselves as Security Partners, not Security Architects or Engineers.

Our software engineering teams have tremendous freedom in their work and the corresponding responsibility to do the right thing for our customers. Instead of controlling our engineering teams with process and security gates, we enable them to innovate by providing security guidance to make right decisions for Tesco. The good news is that our engineering teams are (usually) willing partners in doing better security, more efficiently and earlier in the process. We want you to help us scale out and represent ourselves for the wider engineering domains.

Tesco has fully embraced devops and agile methodologies to develop our enterprise APIs, services and cloud capabilities. Our 100+ delivery teams have loads of Docker, Kubernetes and microservices galore across Azure and AWS, so our security approach must work with elastic, here today, gone tomorrow infrastructure. Our security approaches should be eventdriven, real-time and effective. Weekly scans are so 2010

Job Description

The role

This role is about transforming the way security is delivered within our engineering teams in Tesco Technology. As our software and enterprise APIs continue the move to the cloud, we have different security challenges, and this role is to help teams navigate that change successfully. The boundary between infrastructure and application has virtually disappeared and being secure means support through the entire SDLC – from the ideas phase into threat modelling during design, during development then through to production and ops.

Developing strong security partnerships for Tesco Technology

Security partnerships are about transforming the way security is delivered within our technology domains and software engineering teams. We have different security challenges, and your role as a security partner is to actively champion positive security change within your product teams.

Job accountabilities

On a day-to-day basis you will

• Provide engineering and product teams with direction and guidance for all security matters. There is a whole security organization to back you up, so that is not as scary as it sounds.

• Help product teams deliver new business features securely while balancing and clearly articulating technical and business risk.

• You will be expected to drive the deployment/integration of security capabilities into engineering teams within the product domain.

• You will drive security initiatives such as developing security requirements, threat modelling, strengthening application security, vulnerability reduction, etc., with the engineering teams.

• Reducing friction is paramount and we are all about fast feedback within existing workflows, not adding another console for a developer to check.

• Support teams in a collaborative manner in matters of mobile application, web application, cloud and data security, with threat modelling, risk treatment and security advice across all security domains. If you can raise a PR to resolve fix a security issue, do so.

• Facilitate risk remediation but also challenge decisions and status-quo.

• Facilitate in assurance activities like penetration testing, purple testing, app assurance.

• Build quarterly/monthly roadmaps for security activities and plan them.

• Be an evangelist for security, take part in strengthening Tesco’s internal policies and standards.


Longer-term, the nature of the role also means you are expected to identify new problem spaces, propose fixes, engage across disciplines. In other words, we want you to innovate and will give you the room to do so. If you can think of ways to do security, faster, more accurately, with greater consistency and at scale while minimising friction, you will be supported all the way.


You will need

To excel in this position, you need to bring the following:

• Solid security experience across common security domains – the technology might have changed but most of the security challenges have not.

• A thorough understanding of modern application development practices so that security capabilities can be introduced and embedded while minimizing developer friction

. • Excellent interpersonal, facilitation, and leadership skills along with effective communication (both written and verbal) skills.

• Be able to provide security guidance to engineering teams throughout the product development lifecycle.

• Be able to develop threat models, attack trees, and embed security by design in product engineering effort. • Good understanding of web technologies, REST APIs, micro services, modern application development, and mobile apps.

 • Good understanding of software architecture, dev-sec-ops, and network security.

• Experience in browser security or mobile app security is desirable.

• Good understanding of industry standards such as OWASP ASVS, OWASP Top-10, CIS benchmarks.

• Hands-on experience with complex Azure and AWS architectures with an emphasis on containerized workloads.

• Command-line/API experience is highly desirable as security automation is a strategic priority.

• Some coding experience in something is always a plus - Java, HTML, JavaScript. You do not need to “be a developer” but you do need to understand the implications of security on engineering velocity.

• Knowledge of and experience with PCI-DSS will be desirable.


• A minimum of 5 years of experience in security engineering or closely related areas. • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Information Systems or Engineering discipline. • Azure or AWS cloud security certifications (preferred).

Additional Information

Important Notice: 

On behalf of Tesco Bengaluru, we must caution all job seekers and educational institutions that Tesco Bengaluru does not authorise any third parties to release employment offers or conduct recruitment drives via a third party. Hence, beware of inauthentic and fraudulent job offers or recruitment drives from any individuals or websites purporting to represent Tesco. Further, Tesco Bengaluru does not charge any fee or other emoluments for any reason (including without limitation, visa fees) or seek compensation from educational institutions to participate in recruitment events. 

Accordingly, please check the authenticity of any such offers before acting on them and where acted upon, you do so at your own risk. Tesco Bengaluru shall neither be responsible for honouring or making good the promises made by fraudulent third parties, nor for any monetary or any other loss incurred by the aggrieved individual or educational institution. 

In the event that you come across any fraudulent activities in the name of Tesco Bengaluru, please feel free report the incident at 

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Tags: Agile APIs Application security Automation AWS Azure Cloud Computer Science DevOps Docker Governance Java JavaScript Kubernetes Microservices Network security OWASP Pentesting SDLC

Perks/benefits: Competitive pay Team events

Region: Asia/Pacific
Country: India
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