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Madrid, Spain


Nous existons pour vous protéger des menaces Cyber. Mais ce n’est pas notre seule vocation : nous voulons avoir de l’impact sur notre monde, notre société, nos vies. Forts de notre indépendance et de 500 experts à travers la France et...

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Job description

As part of our Blue Team, at the heart of our SOC, take part in identifying abnormal behaviour or vulnerabilities to protect our customers' information systems.


🤓 Your missions:

  • You support a portfolio of customers in protecting their information systems by identifying abnormal behaviour.
  • You develop and propose a remediation plan tailored to your customer's context and business risks.
  • You inform your customers of the elements detected.
  • You participate in the improvement of our SOC's security incident detection techniques and rules, and thus participate in the evolution of a differentiating product on the cyber market.


🤠 Your projects:

  • Beyond the missions, project yourself in activities that could be yours if you join us...
  • MySOC's algorithms detect weak signals: their analysis is in your hands.
  • To thwart the most sophisticated attacks, you interact with mySOC's N3 experts.
  • You inform the Product team of changes to be made to the analysis and incident reporting tools.
  • When one of your customers' operational security teams needs to analyze a security incident, you provide guidance and advice.
  • You recommend the operations to be carried out by a customer's CISO in response to an incident.



🤩 So, is this job for you? A future aDvenger…

  • Good level of spoken and written English is a must. The team will be trained in English, interviews will be in English, and you will work collaboratively in English.
  • Real operational security knowledge (networks/systems, applications, SOC, etc.).
  • Investigative skills (use of SIEM, DataLeak, Firewalls, EDR consoles, etc.)
  • Overall understanding of the detection mechanisms of a SOC (monitoring plan, rules, thresholds, learning, refinement, etc.)
  • Sense of customer relations, pedagogical orientation, ability to convey to customers the correct uses of the SOC.
  • Autonomy
  • Knowledge and use of security frameworks (Mitre Att&ck, EBIOS, etc.).
  • Interest in new uses of digital technology (cloud, Internet of Things, etc.).
  • Responsible and committed to our mission and vision.
  • Spirit of self-improvement, team spirit and partnership.


Company description

📢 Joining Advens means joining a European leader in Cybersecurity, but above all, it means joining passionate specialists who protect increasingly exposed organizations, helping them to accomplish their often essential missions.

It also means deciding to become part of a collective that puts its performance at the service of high-impact projects.

🌎 Our 500 experts are present throughout France, Spain, Italy, Germany, as well as in Montreal and Taiti.

Our protection mission guides and drives us every day, but it's not enough. If cybersecurity can make the world go round, our performance must also help to change it.

Together and ahead: since our very first steps, we have been driven by three strong values. More than a trademark, they're our driving force to act today and do better tomorrow: #Audace #Collective #Impact.

🚀 Training, gateways, mobility, we support each project according to the desires and ambitions of each and every one.

We believe in a balance between work and personal life as a vehicle for personal fulfilment, so we've opted for autonomy - freedom in the workplace, but also in the way we organize ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

And to maintain our invaluable collective spirit, our weeks are punctuated by various moments of conviviality and sharing...always against a backdrop of humour! (more or less accessible 😅)

As you can see, we're looking for more than just cyber experts, we're looking for committed and passionate employees.


Further information

🤲 Whatever your degree or background, we are above all looking for skills, values and motivation.

Our programs in favour of education and inclusion enable us to integrate profiles from diverse backgrounds and we're hyper proud of this because we're convinced that this is how our team is enriched, diversity is an invaluable source of creativity and innovation.


🔔 Find out all about our news, thoughts, commitments, and monitoring on the networks.

Because we haven't (yet) invented anything better...😉

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* Salary range is an estimate based on our InfoSec / Cybersecurity Salary Index 💰

Tags: Blue team CISO Cloud EDR Firewalls Internet of Things MITRE ATT&CK Monitoring SIEM SOC Vulnerabilities

Region: Europe
Country: Spain
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Category: Analyst Jobs

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