Senior Specialist - Cyber Security

Milan Monte Penice

Senior Analyst - Cyber Security

The Senior Analyst - Cyber Security will be responsible for developing and implementing security strategies to protect the Organisation’s data, systems, and networks. This includes monitoring network activity, identifying potential threats, responding to incidents, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Senior Analyst will also provide guidance on best practices in cyber security as well as develop policies and procedures related to information security.


  • Develops comprehensive cyber security plans that address current threats while anticipating future ones.

  • Monitors network activity for suspicious behaviour or unauthorised access attempts.

  • Investigates any potential breaches of system integrity or other anomalies detected by the monitoring system.

  • Responds quickly to any identified incidents or threats by taking appropriate action such as isolating affected systems from the rest of the network or restoring backups when necessary.

  • Analyses existing processes and procedures related to information security in order to identify areas of improvement or risk mitigation opportunities.

  • Implements new technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), encryption tools etc., in order to improve overall system protection levels against malicious attacks/intrusions/breaches etc..

  • Creates detailed reports on all activities related to cyber security including incident response actions taken and recommendations for further improvements/mitigations etc..

  • Provides technical advice on cyber security issues both internally within the Organisation as well as externally with customers/partners etc..

  • Stays up-to-date with latest developments in technology trends and industry standards related to cyber security and ensure compliance accordingly.

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Tags: Compliance Encryption Firewalls IDS Incident response Intrusion detection Monitoring

Region: Europe
Countries: France Italy
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