5 Jobs Package 🤓 – Get 10% off

$ 1,199.00

5 Jobs Package 🤓 – Get 10% off - image

5 jobs listed for 45 days each – package includes a 10% discount - save $136!


Get your positions in front of our highly targeted audience of InfoSec specialists, security engineers, pen testers, cyber security analysts and ethical hackers.

This package provides you with 5 job postings published for 45 days each and is applicable for full-time, part-time, contracting as well as freelance or intern positions. We will also promote your vacancies on our social media channels, in job email alerts and a variety of relevant online communities.

Your initial job post will be published immediately after successful payment and listings stay active for 45 days if not marked as filled earlier. Subsequent job ads can be added and published similarly and conveniently from your account dashboard. Your jobs package remains valid for 12 months after purchase.

Select this package and get your job ads live within just a few minutes.

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Job ad purchases are final and cannot be refunded. We do not guarantee any specific outcome or number of applicants as ad performance may vary depending on the role and many other factors. We reserve the right to take down ads that we see as fraudulent, aren't real job offers or do not fall under the category of InfoSec/Cybersecurity jobs.

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