Standard Job Posting

$ 247.00

Standard Job Posting - image

1 job listed for 60 days – get your position in front of the best minds instantly – ideal for junior and intermediate roles


Get your position featured in front of our highly targeted audience of InfoSec specialists, security engineers, pen testers, cyber security analysts and ethical hackers.

This package provides you with a standard job posting published for up to 60 days and is applicable for full-time, part-time, contracting as well as freelance or intern positions. We will also promote your vacancy on our social media channels and a variety of relevant online communities.

Your job post will be published immediately after successful payment and stays active for 60 days, if not marked as filled earlier. Select this package and get your job ad live within just a few minutes.

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Featured Job Posting

$ 395.00

1 featured job listed for 60 days – stays at the top for maximum reach – recommended for senior and executive roles

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5 Standard Jobs Package – get 20% off

$ 988.00

5 jobs listed for 60 days each – package includes a 20% discount

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Ultimate Jobs Plan

$ 2,950.00 / month

Auto-publish your vacancies for a monthly flat-fee – let us do the work for your monthly inflow of fresh candidates

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