Cyber Security Engineer

IN KA Bengaluru

While technology is the heart of our business, a global and diverse culture is the heart of our success. We love our people and we take pride in catering them to a culture built on transparency, diversity, integrity, learning and growth.

If working in an environment that encourages you to innovate and excel, not just in professional but personal life, interests you- you would enjoy your career with Quantiphi!

Roles & Responsibilities:

Must to Have

  • Security Monitoring: Monitor network and system activities for suspicious behavior, investigate alerts, and maintain security tools like SIEM, IDS/IPS, EDR\XDR, CSPM, CWPP, WAF, Phishing and Container runtime security alerts.

  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG): Implement and manage SWG solutions to secure internet traffic, enforce policies, and protect against web-based threats.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Assist in the deployment and management of DLP solutions to prevent unauthorized data disclosure and leaks.

  • Policy Enforcement: Enforce security policies and best practices related to web usage and data protection, in line with organizational goals and industry standards.

  • Security Hardening: Implement security measures to harden systems and minimize vulnerability.

  • Cloud Security Monitoring: Monitor and analyze cloud-based resources and services to ensure the security and compliance of cloud environments.

  • Cloud & Container Security Posture Management: Assist in Identification and remediation of  misconfigurations in cloud & container infrastructure to prevent security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with best practices.

Good to have

  • Incident Response: Play a role in incident response, ensuring timely identification and mitigation of security incidents related to web and data security.

  • Security Reports: Generate and communicate security reports to management and stakeholders, providing insights into the organization's security posture.

  • Documentation: Assist in maintaining the records of security incidents, policies, system configurations, and compliance documentation to ensure a comprehensive and well-documented security environment.

If you like wild growth and working with happy, enthusiastic over-achievers, you'll enjoy your career with us!

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Tags: Cloud Compliance EDR IDS Incident response IPS Monitoring SIEM Vulnerabilities XDR

Perks/benefits: Career development

Region: Asia/Pacific
Country: India
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