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Posted 1 month ago

Fivesky is looking for a highly motivated and talented DLP Security Engineer to join a fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging environment.

DLP Security Engineer is needed to perform the following duties: 

  • Implement security controls in an enterprise environment and develop security solutions for information protection.
  • Architect and Engineer Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution across the enterprise environment and integrate DLP controls across user environments.
  • Advise Data Loss Policy development as per company’s evolving business needs and configure DLP policies to prevent data loss in email and web traffic.
  • Perform DLP three tier installations and version upgrades for production, along with conducting periodic health checks and performance assessments.
  • Create procedures and workflows for production deployment and publish fixes in knowledge base.
  • Configure Network scans on appropriate DLP detection servers to identify stored sensitive information at-rest and quarantine data classified as Restricted.
  • Generate data indexes/fingerprints remotely to be later used in detection rules within DLP policies for exact data match (EDM) detection.
  • Integrate/Extend DLP capabilities to cloud applications for monitoring protected data-in-motion and data-at-rest using Cloud Access Security (MCAS/CASB)
  • Automate various aspects of security procedures using scripting languages based on Operating system in use.
  • Automate various aspects of security procedures using scripting languages based on Operating system in use.
  • Configure detection server settings to route network traffic through specific TCP ports for different network protocols.
  • Build DLP detection rules to monitor information being stored and transferred over different TCP ports from endpoint devices.
  • Configure prevent actions for protocols like HTTP/S, FTP, SMTP, SMB, SFTP, etc., including web block, email encryption and quarantine response rules for outgoing traffic.
  • Troubleshoot Network issues relating to Firewall, traffic routing, network proxy, gateway - involving application and transport layer network protocols.
  • Develop Proxy auto config (PAC) files to route network traffic through defined proxy servers and configure IP addresses of specific ‘Network Prevent’ DLP detection servers to use ICAP protocol.
  • Understand network diagrams and network technologies like VPN tunneling, Network Address Translation (NAT), OSI model, LAN/WAN, SSL, packet trace analysis, etc., for structuring the DLP network architecture and network traffic routing.
  • Configure Active Directory connections over appropriate network TCP ports using authentication protocols like LDAP.
  • Enable Kerberos authentication by modifying Kerberos initialization files for authenticating users to a network domain using domain credentials.
  • Configure security group policies in Active Directory for user/group exceptions in DLP policy to restrict data access and usage.
  • Generate key pair and configure keys and certificates to establish end-to-end TLS email encryption.
  • Collaborate with Operations team to support troubleshooting of production issues and perform root cause analysis on data loss due to detection fails on network or email traffic from the DLP system.
  • Debug network traffic logs to troubleshoot critical production issues and fine tune service memory settings depending on traffic load on detection servers.
  • Use Security Incident and Event Management tools to monitor for suspicious user activity found in network traffic.
  • Develop workflows for DLP Incident alerting, response, and remediation. Perform DLP incident analysis to identify malicious insider and to identify false-positives for further fine-tuning of detection rules in DLP policies.
  • Build user attributes for identified DLP security incidents.
  • Modify network firewall rules for allowing network communication between various DLP detection servers and to ensure data detection in all network traffic, while making sure no company firewall policy is violated.

Bachelor’s degree is required in Computer Science or Information Technology or Electrical Engineering 

Our employees are our greatest asset and the focal point around which we operate; therefore, we always want the best for our employees. In addition to offering competitive compensation plans and long-term career opportunities, we offer an attractive mix of benefit plans to our employees that include provisions for vacation, holiday pay, and sick days.

We are an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applications without regard to race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.

This is a full-time, direct employment opportunity in New York City. Salary is open based on experience and qualifications.

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