DevSecOps Engineer- Mobile Solutions

Chennai, TN, IN, 600116

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

ZF is a global technology company and supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology.

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Req ID 70670 | GBS Chennai, India, ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems India Limited


ZF Friedrichshafen AG

 At ZF FIXP52, we lead the charge in mobile app development, providing robust support and clear guidelines for both internal and external developers. Our mission is to create a transparent and secure environment, backed by comprehensive documentation of best practices, empowering developers to build innovative and flawless applications. Our team comprises seasoned code engineers and DevOps experts who strive for automation excellence.


Key Qualifications:

 - Security Foundations: Foundational knowledge of Security Principles and automation practises.
- Azure DevOps Mastery: Proficiency in using the Azure DevOps toolchain for enterprise-level projects, with a minimum of 3 years of experience. - Release Automation Expertise: Skilled in supporting Release Automation for distribution to various AppStores (Apple, Google, Microsoft).
- Effective Consultation: Ability to consult internal customers on our mobile software release process, ensuring alignment with security practices.
- Standardization Champion: Engaged in ongoing communication with the core development team to anticipate and meet standardization needs.
- REST API Understanding: Solid grasp of REST API and its application in digital automation processes.
- Code Review Experience: Conducting thorough Code Reviews for peer developers.
- YAML Coding: Experience with YAML for crafting automation tasks (highly desirable).

As a DevSecOps Engineer at ZF FIXP52, you’ll play a pivotal role in fortifying our mobile app foundation service. Your responsibilities include:

 - Development Standards: Define and uphold Development Standards for mobile applications, ensuring security best practices are embedded.
- UI-Design Standards: Assist in establishing UI-Design Standards for mobile apps, with a focus on security considerations.
- CI/CD Pipeline Optimization: Maintain and optimize CI/CD Pipelines for Build and Release Automation across all target AppStores, emphasizing security checks.
- Collaboration with Release Manager: Work closely with our Release Manager to ensure AppStore content remains current and compliant.
- Quality and Performance Support: Provide support to the Quality/Testing Team, ensuring consistently high-performing services.
- Software Approval Process: Guide the software approval process in partnership with our affiliates, emphasizing security reviews.


- Security First: A quality gate for secure code and vulnerability-free binaries
- High Uptime: Ensure a 99.9% uptime of CI/CD pipelines.
- Faster Release Cycles: Aim to reduce the release cycle time by 20% within the first year of employment.
- Continuous Improvement: Contribute actively to the continuous improvement of the development lifecycle, enhancing the overall user experience.
- Join us in shaping secure and innovative mobile applications!


Be part of our ZF team as DevSecOps Engineer- Mobile Solutions and apply now!


Veerabrahmam Darukumalli

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Tags: APIs Automation Azure CI/CD DevOps DevSecOps REST API

Region: Asia/Pacific
Country: India

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